About Jamaica Bible Seminary

The Jamiacan Bible Seminary is a Bible college established to train leaders for the New Testament Church. The curriculum offered at JBS is based on the belief that the Bible is the full, final, and inerrant Word of God. The Divine message of the Bible can only be understood by the application of sound principles of study and interpretation.

Scripture is the source at knowledge concerning eternal and spiritual matters. It tells of the origin of the world and of the purpose and function of all the natural order. Because this is true, the Bible is the foundation of all sound education. By its very nature and content, the Word of God encourages in a student the desire for breadth, maturity, and integrity in all academic pursuits.

God expects His children to learn His Word and about His world. Beyond intellectual growth, however, quality education must elicit spiritual development, behavioral change, and the practical use of acquired skills. The JBS curriculum offers a range of courses that meet the needs of students who aspire to be ministers or church leaders and equips them to live dynamic Christian lives.

Our Location

Jamaica Bible Seminary conducts classes on the site of the Jamaica Christian Mission. The mission is located at Gold Ave., Mineral Heights Phase 2, May Pen P.O. Clarendon, J.W.I. 876-986-4814. The U.S. office for donations is Jamaica Christian Services USA, Inc, 5709 La Serena Ave., Lakeland, FL 33809.

Our Standing

JBS operates under the direction of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees works closely with the Board of the Jamaica Christian Mission.

Our Position

The doctinal position of JBS sets this college apart from most other colleges on the island of Jamaica. The policies and programs of the Seminary represent the general belief and practice of the Churches of Christ and the Christian Churches, historically known as the Restoration Movement. On many points of doctrine we stand on common ground with evangelical Protestanism, such as: The Virgin Birth of Christ, His Atoning Blood was Shed on the Cross, His Miracles, His Resurrection and His 2nd Coming.

Statement of Waiver

Waivers of any policies, requirements, payments due, dates for meeting obligations or alterations to policies relating to students or other operations of Jamaica Bible Seminary must be recommended through the President or the college for approval by the Board of Trustees.